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Receivers from SAT-Planet.ie Sligo

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Receivers from SAT-Planet.ie Sligo

We have a wide range of Satellite Receivers. A receiver is the main component needed to receive satellite channels. If you already have a dish outside and a cable in your living room you can purchase a receiver to receive Free To Air channels. There are hundreds of channels available free of charge to everyone. FTA receivers come in Standard and High Definition.
    Receivers without a HDMI output can only receive standard signal in MPEG2 format. If you wish to receive channels in HD choose a receiver with a HDMI out. These receivers receive MPEG4 signal and have better Video and Audio quality. If you wish to receive free channels any receiver will work but for subscription channels you will need a receiver with a Smart Card Slot for your subscription card(s).
    Some of our receivers have a USB port for updating software / channel lists. In addition they have a PVR function which allows you to record live TV to a USB device like a flash drive or HDD. You can also view photos and music on the USB device using the Media Player function.
    If you need a new FTA receiver in your living room and are also planning to upgrade to the new Saorview service take a look at our COMBO box. It can receive both Satellite and Terrestrial signals which means you can avoid having 2 separated boxes in your living room to receive local and foreign channels. We also sell receivers with LINUX system and Ethernet port for advanced users.


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